The Big Roundtable

My Soccer Saga

A sportswriter seeks the heart of the World Cup. Instead, he finds Brazil.

The Killers of Swaziland

Some fifteen years ago in the last African kingdom, two serial killers were hard at work. Just one of them was human.

The Boys Who Loved Birds

How the Iron Curtain’s great wasteland became Europe’s ribbon of life

The Proper Weight of Fear

Ten years after fleeing in terror, an American expat revisits Somaliland to consider who she has become.


When I was younger, someone took a knife to my clitoris and cut out a small but significant part of me. I blamed my mother. I despised her. I loved her.

Last Trip to Quetico

Nine days in the wilderness. An old man, his son, and a canoe

The Empire Strikes Back

A journey through Russia and Ukraine, where the deep past shapes the future

My Journey to the New Jerusalem

Forty percent of Jewish millennials are unaffiliated. That doesn't mean they're not creating a new kind of Jewish world.

The Bridge to Sodom and Gomorrah

The biggest slum in struggling Ghana is bounded by a burning dump and a sewage channel. Meet the hustlers, builders, prostitutes, entrepreneurs, bad boys, and dreamers who live there, illegally but cheaply, gambling that they’ll come out better than when they went in.

The Robots of Resistance

Why does new technology always seem to serve the rich and powerful? Meet the MIT visionary who kept asking that question, as long as he could get away with it.

The Battle For Bunny Land

Are rabbits for cuddling? For showing? For eating? Inside the war over the fate of rabbits and the people who love them.

A Stranger Knocks

A Mysterious Visitor. A Horrific Crime. A Victim Who Refuses To Be a Victim.

In the Clearing Stands a Boxer

The Rise, Fall, and Redemption of Gerry Cooney

Latter-Day Saint

Maybe the hard road to self-acceptance is a road to God. A gay Mormon’s complicated journey.

The Boy Who Lived

A father considers a marriage and how it changed, before and after the appointment at the abortion clinic

Consider the Can

You drink your beer; you toss the container. Do you know it comes back?


Eric LeGrand ran downfield and hit an opponent. Then he started a new life.

The Man Who Would Save Jazz

Did Chico Hamilton run out of time, or did he get just enough?

The Light in Beirut

Up against a wall, waiting to die on a late afternoon in August 1982, a journalist’s life stops and then starts over.

Driving Mr. Murray

Come here to interview me,” the old man said, “and you wind up getting an education.”

After the Tsunami

An American returns to the little steel town of Kamaishi, Japan, in search of its indomitable spirit.

Pedestrian Struck: A bad accident opens old wounds

When a man is struck on a highway in Maryland, his wife is thrown into her past.

The Man Who Hid in an Airplane Bathroom

Habib Hussain sold his field in India for passage to Saudi Arabia and dreams of money and status. He came home as a stowaway.

Kill Me Now

Jana Van Voorhis, a troubled Arizona woman, sought relief from terrible maladies that did not exist. And when she crossed paths with a right-to-die group, her fate was sealed.

The Hotel of Enlightenment

Some time after his father’s suicide, a writer finds himself in Nicaragua on a journey among signs and wonders.

Blood, Honor, Partition

They came to our village by the hundreds and thousands, all equipped with swords, knives, and sticks. In minutes, Thao Khalsa was surrounded.

The Man That Wasn’t

My father's slow suicide.

My Rehab: Coming of Age in Purgatory

My strange journey through the Therapeutic Community, and what became of my fellow residents—gangstas, misfits, and burnouts—many years later.

The Girl Who Wouldn’t Die

On a moonlit ride through L.A. with Mike, Vince, and Eddie, things go bad.

Something More Wrong

A life unfolds in Ward 3B, Creedmoor Psychiatric Center.


An accident. A death. And a search for blame.


The tale of an Arizona forest fire, the prison inmates who died fighting it, and the families who struggled for justice.

She’ll Be Good to You

The true story of how disco never died. She just came home.

My Weekend At Adolf’s

A weekend of mysterious rendezvous, pizza, Sieg Heils and bloody heads with America's Nazi party.

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